We continue to wander in wonderment through Fristen's ecotone. A place he has defined, where the interior and the exterior intertwine, driving creation, the negentropic nature of organic matter.

He uses the words "sensation" and "action" in this Third Space. I sit with the words and think of that which brings about what he calls "active inference".

He is a scientist, I am not. So I ponder different words with the same feeling.

I think of "awareness", that which allows information to flow from an external state to an internal state.

I think of "discernment", that which maps the information against existing understanding, one that reaches back and connects meaning matrices.

I think then of "engagement", that through which action manifests from the interior into that shared exterior state.

I think these thoughts in the context of Agile's Learning Cycles, ones that allows rapid innovation as meaning matrices morph to adapt.

For Friston's Free Energy Principle may very well be the driving force behind evolution and a key understanding needed as we transition organizations from allopoietic systems to autopoietic ones.

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