Unlocking the Quantum Mind

We enter into the learning journeys we call DIGs with a Guiding Intention to awaken wonder.

Each time we do a DIG, it's a unique experience, shaped by the curiosity of the learning pod. It's an experience of individual and collective emergence where Creative Genius is experienced, a feeling that can't be unseen or unfelt.

A profound experience of metanoia – of Metanoietic Consciousness.

As we bear witness to these moments of revelation, we are challenged to understand them more deeply.

We know that this process leads people into an unknown in which they are surprised by emergence that then forms into meaning that is important to them. This process challenges them to create from this meaning, a creation that is an artifact, what Whitehead calls an 'actual occasion' – an Ontic Form – that allows that meaning to become a shared truth with others.

In this experience we witness people Entering a p-Zone.

We sense that this experience of emergence is quantum in nature, flowing from the energetic potential inherent in the turbulent unknown of what David Bohm calls the enfolding 'implicate order', that then manifests into the unfolding 'explicate order' of matter that we experience.

It's in this experience, perhaps, that the _timeless order_ of 'active information' that Bohm believed unites and aligns the universal whole emerges from the implicate and becomes formed into meaning, _temporal order_, by the 'active inference' that Karl Friston believes lies at the heart of evolving consciousness that utilizes Epistemic Foraging – a creative experience that we might begin to better understand as we unlock the potential of Quantum Thinking.

Which leads us to wonder about the nature of the guiding waves that emerge to shape this unfolding explicate order – might they be that which chaos theory calls 'attractors' and that we have come to understand as 'sacred intention', the yud that brings about the Normalization of Waves?

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