Understanding Whitehead

By nature, the Cartesian Mindset is reductionist and deterministic. It is also linear.

We are beginning to understand the nature of a non-linear mindset, one that creates a new consciousness, one that we are now referring to as a Metanoietic Consciousness.

The moment of emergence.

Whitehead coined the term "creativity." Apparently he did so to explain inherent emergence—the absolute principle of existence.

That which is the vital energy.

It is here that we are brought back to Friston's model of emergence: the Free Energy Principle and to Jean Piaget's learning theories.

Whitehead. Friston. Piaget.

We sense a Monadic Vortex that may lead to new insights.

We have a new urgency to understand the thoughts of Whitehead.

We are beginning to gather fragments at Whitehead Collection. Facing Whitehead feels like facing chaos, a chaos of potential from which we new meaning, creativity, might emerge. This we sense.

This meaning will not be linear – we know that. So we begin to identify words that hold meaning and seek the essence of that meaning. Words that are abstractions, that, themselves, are 'actual occasions', that hold 'feeling', based on inherent 'prehension' from which new creation emerges through concrescence.

Without knowing these meanings deep within us, the words remain abstractions that are left to spin in an intellectual artifice that is disconnected from others. We must feel the words to find wisdom within.

So we start with Whitehead by collecting his words, to find meaning in his words in the white _space_ of our curiosity. We then seek connection – _relationships_ – from which we might be able to discern _patterns_ – spatial patterns that hold a meaning that can be shared with others.