Understanding Bohm

We sense that there is great import in understanding David Bohm, that theoretical physicist who reimagined quantum physics and the very nature of reality.

Quantum physics was first understood through the lens of Bohr and Heisenberg, a perspective defined by the classical physics of Newton and its underlying Cartesian Mindset.

A belief that reality was outside of the observer, a reality that could be understood by taking it apart, piece by piece, as if it were a giant clock. In so doing, the laws that guided the movement of the clock could be understood.

The problem was that when the quantum level was reached, direct logical relationships no longer seemed to work – we were confronted by mysterious, seemingly random behavior the defied rational explanation.

Unlike others, Bohm courageously walked into that mystery refusing to accept the premise of an inherent randomness of the universe. He sensed that there must be a deeper truth that lay hidden, one that escaped our ability to observe directly with our physical senses.

As he walked into this mystery, he was abandoned by his professional community. Oppenheimer, his mentor, famously directed his rejection.

He was rejected by his family, his community and even by his country. But yet he kept walking into this mystery, seeking a deeper truth, one that might unite all.

We walk into this mystery with him, guided by the torchlight of his radical ontology, one that resonates with Alexander's, one that resonates with Whitehead's, one that resonates with the deep spiritual frameworks of our ancients, one we sense will help us write a new narrative of emergence – a new Narrative Identity – that unleashes our collective Creative Genius.

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