Unbounded Emergence

It has been said that matter simply exists as a thin experiential crust on unbounded emergence, that which is filled with zero point energy.

It is from this place of dark mystery that we find the Higgs Boson emerge, not as a thing, but as a force, by which subatomic elements begin to align into matter.

And we know that our consciousness, formed from our experiences relating to dynamic systems in this matter, is being defined by what is just fractional dust of the entire universe.

We ponder these thoughts as we explore a potential third seminal reimagining that may be profoundly shaping us along with Borge's _The Garden of Forking Paths_ and Bush's _As We May Think_.

We speak of Borge's The Aleph, published in 1945, where he imagined a point of singularity of infinite experience.

We sense that there may be a deep insight here, one that touches on the wisdom derived of increasing understanding of individual meaning matrices in orthogonal intersections. Hints of this experience which we have felt in pair programming and when writing together in the wiki.

An emerging Nth space that might hold glimpses of inclusive system wisdom. Intersections that form ideatones of creative tension in which sprites appear that allow new meaning patterns to quickly take shape. Patterns that illuminate new paradigms by which we can more confidently build toward tomorrow.