Toward a New Ontology

We acknowledge that what we are exploring is more than a 'mindset'. Indeed, it is more than a 'consciousness'. It is, in fact, a new understanding of being, the very nature of reality.

An ontology.

The Cartesian Mindset is based on the premise of the mind and body being separate - a dualism. A belief that from the mind, the world outside of the mind could be analyzed in a way that we could break it down and understand its components in greater detail until, ultimately, reality and all of its parts could be known. This conviction, called 'reductionism', framed the basic premise of how we could define and understand reality. A reality that was ultimately completely 'knowable'.

What we call the Agile Mindset is actually built on the premises created by Alfred North Whitehead – a _Whiteheadian mindset_. This mindset, which grew out of the new world of quantum mechanics, understood that 'creativity' emerged in a continual dance between the unknowable and the knowable where there was no dualism.

This new philosophical paradigm empowered David Bohm to reimagine how we thought about the very nature of reality and to develop new theories of quantum mechanics that guided others to new unifying theories of quantum fields. These theories have created a radical new ontology – a new understanding of the very nature of reality.

We aspire to reimagine education. To do so, we must use a mindset built on this new ontology, one that we sense will not only allow universal Creative Genius to flow, but also unlock profound new Hidden Potential.

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