Three States

We explore our three states of learning. Of creating. With intention.

We are wondering if, by more intention about these states, we can accelerate the process by which we make meaning faster in that inference network comprised of Markov Blankets. Another experiment.

The state of observation. One in which we observe with our whole mind, one that taps into all three of our core neural bundles. One that primarily utilizes our default network.

The state of focus. One were we structure our thinking using our skills of logic. Where we seek simplicity and clarity. One that primarily utilizes our executive network.

The state of insight. One where we create space defined by a dynamic tension of ideas from which new models and patterns of thought emerge. One that primarily utilizes our salience network.

These states overlap, but at any one time, one of them is primary. We are able to use our Autonoetic Conscousness to observe these states.

We also are reminded that these states are all used in Design Thinking, perhaps illuminating why this process is so effective.

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