Three Minds

As we introduce the experience of the agile mindset to educators, we are beginning to speak with more clarity about the thee minds: the feeling mind, the thinking mind, and the sensing mind.

As we guide educators on their DIGs, we continually ask them to _feel_ with their emotions and ask them to _sense_ with their intuition, as the go through this process of discovery, creation and sharing.

We don't need ask them to think – for we know that they have been well trained to do that.

We suspect that these three minds might be associated with the three networks that make up our Whole Mind: the default network, the executive network, and the salience network.

We know that when all three are activated, we think with an enhanced capacity.

We also suspect that these three minds might be associated with what Kay was speaking of when he talked about the Three Ways We Must Think: the story, logical thinking and three things kids must learn, 'stories', 'logical arguments', and 'system dynamics'.

_Stories_ are of the heart, they are felt. _Logical arguments_ are of the rational thought. _System dynamics_ are intuited based on the mind map of the seer.

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