Theoretical Speculation

In Leopold Kroneck's challenge of Cantor’s set theory, he laid the foundation for ‘intuitionism’ that led to Russell’s radical type theory. When refuting Cantor's theory, he is reported to have said "God made the integers, all else is the work of man." Math of the imagination, not math premised by Cartesian dualism.

Math of the mind. Math of theoretical speculation from which higher levels of abstraction might be possible – Creative Metasynthesis.

Speculative Math. Speculative Physics. Speculative Philosophy. All that has opened the doors to new understanding of a universe and our potential within it.

We think of Einstein's mind, a mind that speculated, only to have those theories proven many years later. And the speculation of the Higgs field that sheds new light on our understanding of the nature of emergent matter that was later confirmed.

All which sheds light on REPL, where speculative theory is tested for surprise through a feedback loop, a speculation that is emergent from an abstractive imagination.

Seeing the patterns in the abstraction, that is where new meaning emerges – meaning that gives our life a higher purpose and allows us to experience Moments of Genius.