The Smallest Artifact

Ward dropped me a note yesterday. It simply said:

>I see we have accumulated 70 pages in 7 days


A piece of data which has, potentially, a huge implication.

Neither of us have written all that much over the past week. But what we did write was attached to other writing we have previously done.

Some of these pages were responses to recent findings, like the work of Gary Klein. Others were drawn from writing done years ago in the original WikiWikiWeb. And then there were ideas from The Garden that I developed for my book, _The Dayton Experiment_.

Ideas that were connected to other ideas forming new patterns of meaning, an emerging Meaning Matrix as we explore this new challenge. Seventy pages that have emerged, almost by their own volition. Organically. A garden's nursery that may even, someday, become the basis of a new book.

When we chatted together this morning, we recognized the significance of this experience. We are watching it. With Curiosity.

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