The Golden Square

Ward's wiki for this experiment has a golden flag:


He mentioned to me that each morning he keeps a tab open in his browser with the golden flag. It calls to him. He yearns to write in it before he plunges into his day.

A time for reflection. For crafting a little piece of meaning.

It is life-giving.

As it is for me. This time in the morning is important. It feeds my soul. It helps guides my day and makes it richer as I find myself pondering thoughts that feel worthy, not just feeling distracted by noise.

Part of our experiment is to understand if this sense that Ward and I are sharing is unique, or beckons to a deeper truth held by others. A universal truth that compels us to make meaning. To create in a way that might be valuable for others. Indeed, little morsels and greater patterns that hold the promise of delight.

I wonder if this creative exploration of these emerging meta patterns might give us a sense of clarity to our day by activating our Autonoetic Conscousness.