The Flick

In Gary Klein's TED talk, explored in the Lightbulb Moment, he talks about the moment of insight that opens the door to a question. He gives an example of a police officer who sees a driver of a BMW casually flick the ashes of their cigarette in the interior of their car.

This act feels incongruous. An owner of an expensive car would not do that. So the police officer pulls the car over to find out that it has been stolen.

He focuses on contradictions as one of the core themes in his talk about the source of insights. When registered, they challenge us to ask questions. Questions the lead us to new discoveries.

Contradictions that might also be at the intersection of what we are calling Disruptive Orthogonal Planes.

I feel that it is intriguing that we may identify these contradictions, not initially with logic, but with emotion. Our feelings. Feelings that spring from something we might call our intuition.

Often, we feel before we think.

I wonder if we have under-appreciated the role that our feelings play in this process of creative discovery. I also wonder if, through our feelings, we are tapping into a deeper mind, one that is held in nerve bundles throughout our body, one that might flow through our primordial Default Mode Network.

One that gives us access to the intuition that helps guide us into the unknown, during times of Tempo Interruptions, explorations that might seem like, at times, a Hero's Journey. From which new insights - boons - are illuminated that change our understanding of a problem, of our world. Opening the door to a solution.

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