Story Arc

We are beginning to see the story arc that leads us from Whitehead to Friston that informs a deeper understanding of the Agile Mindset.

A story arc that starts with a speculative process _philosophy_ and leading us, through neuroscience, to a new process _theory_. One that is also helping us define a process _practice_ for learning – what we are calling Designed InGenuity (DIG) – that is laying the foundation for a new pedagogy, what we are calling 'Integrated Learning'.

In the 1920s, Whitehead developed a 'philosophy of organism', that became the backbone of 'process philosophy'. wikipedia

In 2016, almost a century later, Friston published a paper entitled _Active Inference: A Process Theory _. where we can see scientific theory uniting with previous philosophical speculation.

In this paper, he explores the dynamics of 'active inference' by which 'belief' is developed – that which we use as the basis for our interaction with the world. This model is based on the Free Energy Principle where understanding – what we might think of as 'order' – evolves from Markov Blankets in Bayesian inference networks.

The concept of active inference in psychological and biological systems and the concept of Epistemic Foraging is further explored in the paper _Uncertainty, epistemics and active inference_ published the following year. source

Much like Whitehead, Friston's Language is important to understand, starting with three key concepts.

We sense that his theory is revealing a story arc that ties back to the groundbreaking explorations of Whitehead as he sought new understanding within the context of a reality defined by quantum physics.

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