Sensing the Ridgepole

Emergence happens as harmonics resonate into a moment _(Whitehead: actual entity)_ – a process enabled by a Guiding Intention _(Bohm: guiding wave)_.

We recognize this intention as a 'ridgepole' that inspires creative manifestation:

>Taiji is understood to be the highest conceivable principle, that from which existence flows. The "supreme ultimate" creates yang and yin: movement generates yang; when its activity reaches its limit, it becomes tranquil. Through tranquility the supreme ultimate generates yin. When tranquility has reached its limit, there is a return to movement. Movement and tranquility, in alternation, become each the source of the other. > wikipedia

Taiji, the 'supreme ridgepole' from which the form _(Bohm: explicate order)_ of existence emerges from the formless Wuji – that 'without ridgepole' _(Bohm: implicate order)_. This ridgepole of intention we recognize in Yahweh's 'yud' in the Judeo-Christian tradition. That which we recognize as the 'attractor' in chaos theory.

The ridgepole that holds up the dojo's roof in which we enter. The dojo, a sacred place in which one becomes immersed in practices and experiences of the Dao, The Way.

That which flows through us and flows through everything, giving meaning, allowing emergence – divine emergence from the potential hidden within.