Robust Resilience

We are embarking on a journey. A journey to understand how organizations might be able to better design and cultivate complex systems that are more resilient. Something that might be called robust resilience.`

I am looking at this challenge from the perspective of schools. Ward is looking at it from the perspective of computer programs. Both are systems of extreme complexity.

We are hoping that by exploring these questions through the theoretical prisms of David Woods, Takashi Iba and others, we can illuminate an understanding that might lead to the development of a guiding pattern language for others.

Here is where Ward is beginning his journey:

Through computer programs we construct large portions of our own future. Here we address how we might make faster and better decisions as we learn from and provide for each other. We draw from our own experience and those of Thompson Morrison and David Woods.

I am beginning my exploration with my Wellspring Journal.

We believe that the Velocity of Decision Making is critical for this resilience.

We believe that is is important to explore the Nature of Complex Systems.