Reflecting on 1995

We reflect on 1995 – 25 years in the past.

Recently, there have been gatherings organized to celebrate the emergence of the wiki that year. But there are no celebrations slated to celebrate the other important emergence of that year, Episodes, the pattern language that lay the foundation for what would be later know as the Agile Mindset.

Not only is Episodes not celebrated, it is has been largely forgotten, found only in a citation at the end of Kent's book that introduced Extreme Programming (XP) that referenced it as the source for much of what became XP, a collection of software development practices. XP then integrated with Scrum, a collection of project management practices, to become what we now know as Agile.

The wiki has had a global impact, as has Agile. In a recent conversation with Ward, I wondered about a third leg of this stool. Might that be DIG?

I am always seeking meaning in Prime Patterns that form Triviums. It is within that volitile Monadic Vortex that often a greater unspeakable truth lies, from which something new might emerge.

And so we are left to ponder 1995 from the context of 2020.

What might be the essences the emerged that year and what might be the essence of that which is now emerging?

We speculate.

Perhaps the essence of Episodes was that Creativity is Emergent.

Perhaps the essence of the wiki was that Understanding is Universal.

If those might be true, perhaps the essence of DIG is that Meaning Manifests.

Perhaps we are forming a new and important trivium that might be at the core of Metanoietic Consciousness.