Penny's Trivium

The other day we explored Penny's role leading the cultural transformation in her school. As I listened to her, a found common themes emerging and wondered if they might form a trivium that might help guide this journey.

The trivium that I sensed was: * Vulnerability * Curiosity * Vision

When I shared this with her, she agreed. Perhaps it's that within that prime pattern was the wellspring of her Monadic Vortex.

**Vulnerability** The courage to Walk into the Unknown.

**Curiosity** The be inspired and guided by Curiosity, one which uses the Whole Mind - the feeling and sensing mind, along with the thinking one.

**Vision** To have a sense of a North Star by that guides the journey.

During this conversation I introduced to her the 'Field Theory' – one that surmised that she, as a leader, was guiding an emergent process in a field of waves. We talked about how she was able to create the Fundamental Frequency for this field – the first harmonic – that would allow the waves of others to align, harmonize and resonate, amplifying each other. From this amplification there would be emergence – quanta moments – that would manifest something that others would recognize as real – what Whitehead would call a 'hard truth'.

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