Pattern 253


Pattern 253, "Things from your Life", is the very last pattern of Chris Alexander's Pattern Language for architecture.

Pattern 253

He starts his journey of patterns at the level of geographic regions.

And ends it with the interior decor of our most intimate spaces, with an image of a bedroom.

With this final guidance:

>Do not be tricked into believing that modern decor must be slick or psychedelic, or "natural" or "modern art," or "plants" or anything else that current taste-makers claim. It is most beautiful when it comes straight from your life - the things you care for, the things that tell your story. > _Chistopher Alexander, A Pattern Language_


_... the things that tell your story._

We ponder these words as we reflect that the meaning of pattern languages is derived, not by the theory, but by the experience. An experience that conversely begins, not ends, with our story.

An experience that we see played out with the emergent nature of meaning, one that springs forth from an understanding that manifests.

That is holonic in nature. Where each element is a whole onto itself that is good and has the potential to delight others.

That forms into patterns creating increasingly higher levels of abstraction, leaving a holistic structure in its wake.

>The wholeness is made of parts; the parts created by the wholeness. To understand wholeness, we must have a conception in which 'parts' and wholes work in this holistic way. > _-Christopher Alexander, The Nature of Order_

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At the core of Iba's model of pattern making is the work of Japanese Anthropologist Jiro Kawakita. His methodology, known widely in Japan as the KJ Method, seeks to find emergent meaning through feeling interpreted by others. A technique used for the clustering of the seeds of new patterns in the pattern mining process, one of the first steps in developing new pattern languages.

Meaning derived by listening for feelings when we learn from others about their creative process. Meaning that honors the story of each person, one that listens to the creative genius within.

Experiences of discovery similar to that which we know through the 3X3 Reflection.