Overlapping Blankets

With Markov Blankets we begin to find convergence between the ideas of Piaget, Koestler and others. Indeed, in these overlaps, Third Spaces are created, places where adaptive creativity flows.

The potentiality of this overlap is enabled by a single word: _and_.

_... and their children's parents._

For the blankets are not just an independent parent/child relationships, but also include the other parents of each child. Relationships that create overlapping blankets as multiple parents claim relationships to each child.

We understand, then, the increasing complexity of these overlapping patterns of relationships. But our understanding is contextual, where the understanding is based on our perspective as an observer. Where the complexity, in its entirety, is beyond our ability to understand.

We sit with this knowing that all knowing is contextual.

It is here that we wonder. We wonder about this point of singularity, but also about the infinite multiplicity that flows from this singularity. A moment of The Aleph.

We wonder if an appreciation of this essence might be shared with others.

Perhaps, when they find themselves wandering in a garden, forming their own patterns of meaning, might they sense something unnamable that holds hints of the infinite?

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