Opening the Door

As we imagine opening the door to a new way of thinking, a new consciousness, we can't expect known words to help us. For our known words are understood with our existing way of thinking.

Instead, we must create experiences that allow us to create new words, new meaning, to explain these new experiences.

We start by guiding people into a new space. Call it a white space, The Space Between. A space that is, at first, uncomfortable, but also one that we sense the potential of emergent possibility.

In that space we begin to provide experience an then help name those experiences.

We then watch patterns emerge among these experiences, patterns that can be named to be remembered and shared.

Space, relationship and patterns: we explore the essential nature of this non-linear thinking in which opens the door not only to new creative possibilities but a new consciousness – what we call a Metanoietic Consciousness.

One that can be experienced if we design experience with intention. And then name what we discover.

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