Ontic Form

Ontic form: that which manifests in a way that can be experienced by others. Experiences that can be named in a way that others will understand.

There are moments of emergence from a field. Whitehead labeled these moments 'actual occasions' that became 'stubborn facts'. Bohm simply called them 'moments' .

They are moments in which _form_ emerges, form that can be experienced by others to become a 'shared truth' – a reality – that is _ontic_ in nature: >**on·tic** _/ˈän(t)ik/_ > relating to real as opposed to phenomenal existence.

Both Whitehead and Bohm recognized that these forms are not distinct from that which they emerged from but inherently integrated as expressions of a larger whole – what Bohm called a holomovement . One can't speak of a particle, for instance, a part from its guiding wave. And the guiding wave apart from its field, and its field a part from a fundamental frequency that holds universal information.

Ideas might also take on ontic _form_, as we create abstractions that hold shared _meaning_ and become a shared _truth_. Indeed, our ability to create ontic forms of ideas is the foundation of our collective creative imagination when we experience Quantum Thinking.