Natural Order

We sense important inherent meaning in _Natural Order_, one that might allow greater understanding to unfold.

Some speak of how matter manifests from energy through consciousness. Others believe that consciousness naturally evolves to order, its existential prehension. We sense that it would be valuable to understand the nature of that order.

We practice order making, seeking each time to illuminate a Prime Pattern that holds greater meaning – patterns we recognized as being semantic triples that can synthesize into greater meaning through a process of concrescence.

We distill Alexander's fifteen properties of _The Nature of Order_ to three: 'wholeness', 'goodness' and 'delight' to give us better focus as we venture beyond the known into the unknown.

We walk into the creative experience with a clarity of intention to guide us toward the aspiration we seek. As we venture into the white space, we commit to emerge new order, starting first with the question of _wholeness_ of that which we create. From there we strive to hone toward elegant _goodness_, seeking that which has the potential to _delight_ ourselves and others as beautiful.

If these essential elements are present, we achieve a new contextual order – _beauty_ – allowing us a place and reason to venture forth again – _wonder_ – in a process of Stigmergic Iteration, keen to sense that Spatial Vivacity – _joy_ – which invigorates us to life.

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