Monadic Mind

When Ward explained to me his experience of pair programming with Kent, something clicked inside of me. A recognition of an experience deep inside of me. A truth I knew.

Years ago I lived in Asia as a marketing consulting. I built a consulting practice in Singapore where Hewlett Packard was my primary client. My firm was doing most of their business to business (B2B) market research in Asia.

A typical project would be prompted by a new product introduction from the US. Their Asia Pacific office would then be given sales targets to meet. This regional management then had to scramble to develop a sales strategy.

The problem was, Asia is a fiction created by people from other parts of the world. There is no such thing as Asia. Each country is a world unto itself. All with distinct cultures and mental models. You could not apply one strategy to all of them.

My job was to develop the market and cultural context for the product introduction in each market that could be quickly woven into a unified regional strategy.

How might individuals in Korean organization see the value and purchasing process from their perspective as opposed from someone in a completely different cultural context, say in Malaysia.

Often my assignments involved eight to ten different countries, all realities coexisting on different planes of collective consciousness. My job was to find the thread of unity that would tie these strategies together.

A planal intersection, one that could be used to tell a story to others in a way they could easily understand it. One that could immediately illuminate a clear strategy, the path forward.

A Korean world view is different from a Japanese world view, much less a Malaysian. I would have to sit in interviews with executives in each country and immerse myself in those world views, listening deeply in order to understand them. I had to meld my consciousness, for a suspended moment, with theirs.

Ten planes of consciousness that I had to ultimately meld into a single story.

So when Ward shared his story with Kent, I understood the feeling he was seeking to express. A feeling he called the mind-meld.

This melding of consciousness is what we are calling the monadic mind. One that lies as the intersection of planes of consciousenss, each with the own Meaning Matrix. One that moves us to the hypothetical Nth planes of The Aleph.

The monadic mind strives to sit at this nexus filled with wonderment.

The aspiration of this mind, we believe, that will be essential to have the collective wisdom needed build resilient complex systems.

Hints of which we have experienced through the wiki as Disruptive Orthogonal Planes and we suspect are guided by Spatial Trialectics to a psychic syncretism.

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