Moments of Genius

We are curious about the moments of insight that flow through us as we sit uncomfortable in spaces of unknowing.

Some call them Eureka Moments, others Aha Moments.

They feel mysterious, magical. In those moments, there is a sense of joy. Joy that exhilarates, joy that becomes a pleasure we seek again. We wonder if that joy we feel is a part of our innate spirit, our Creative Genius.

We sense that these moments occur when something shifts in how we understand something – a shift in our mental model. Where we now have illuminated a meaning we did not see before.

Piaget talks about these moments as 'accommodation' – moments when our schema is restructured to provide meaning for new information that did not fit into our previous understanding of the world.

Friston talks about these schemas in scientific terms, not philosophical, referring to them as 'belief' models in a Bayesian inference network. These moments of Understanding Complexity are called 'updates' to the belief model.

These moments are unique for each person. In these moments of internal restructuring of consciousness, the past meets the present, illuminating the future.

>In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time. > _Leonardo da Vinci_

They are moments that cannot be scripted or controlled. But we are now seeing that it is possible to create the conditions for them to happen with remarkable predictability.

We observe that these moments appear at the apex of learning waves, where intensity increases to make meaning for oneself and others as that wave is pressured to normalize. They are moments when the mystery of innate spirit are experienced – genius that can be recognized and celebrated by others.

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