Mind Meld

In our first adventure, _The Dayton Experiment_, we dove deep into the Agile experience of joy, seeking to understand its essence and role in both the story of Agile and its potential to transform the learning experience in our schools. Discovering, in this journey, the importance of Joyful Sandboxes.

In this adventure we are going to dive deep into another experience at the very root of Agile. An experience that came out of pair programming. That of the mind-meld, as we seek to the truth hidden within Tempo Interruptions.

The mind-meld. That imaginary space in which two minds become one. When the driver sits at the screen formulating new lines of code while a navigator sets beside and watches.

An experience where the navigator may see the solution more clearly than the driver. But where the navigator must understand the mental model that the driver is building with their code and gently guide them to the solution based on that model - their Meaning Matrix - to a solution that was found using another another mental model, another matrix.

That is the mind-meld. The ability to live in the mental model of another while holding onto one's own. To be able to guide a conversation from a deep place of empathy that hold both models simultaneously, one that exists at the intersection of two planes of consciousness.

We sense that, just as our exploration into joy had a deep impact on others, this exploration might also yield great value. We see an emerging alignment of important concepts that fuel the creative process, such the Blue Plane, the Third Space and the Aleph. Ones that strive to describe the experiences of the Monadic Mind.

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