Meaning Emerging

Here are thoughts recently shared about how the wiki allows meaning to emerge in new ways: source

I would like to suggest that there is another dimension of wiki that is often overlooked: it provides an opportunity to create meaning in a new way. I am familiar with Scrivener and fascinated by Ulysses. They are amazing tools for authors to spatially capture and weave together fragments. Such tools are extremely valuable. But, when I went deep into the experience of writing in the wiki, I had a different experience. While subtle, it was incredibly profound.

The act of writing became an exploration in which creation emerged from things that were 'whole'. And it started with simply defining an intention that was to be named, to be remembered as the page title. Each paragraph became a bounded idea – a whole – that allowed that page's intention to emerge into a larger whole. Connections between the pages then emerged into patterns that illuminated new insights. And that, then became a larger whole, that which could be shared as a book.

This process of emergence was largely egoless – I was to co-create and reflect on the process itself in a way that honored my journey and those who journeyed with me. In so doing, I was living an experiences theorized by Whitehead, Alexander, and Koestler, one possible because Ward sought to create a learning environment that had the same feeling he felt when programming in Kay's Smalltalk. They created different names for these organic 'wholes' that create increasing complex patterns of wholeness: 'monads', 'actual occasions', 'holons', 'objects', to name a few.

We should not lose sight of this deeper truth, one that we sense has a profound importance.