Marching Toward Vega

Now, in our third week of the experiment, Vega is coming into view.

You need to align to a north star for any courageous journey. One defined by an Audacious Aspiration. But there are two north stars.

Polaris is the north star that is known to everyone. We can all see it, all align to it.

But, in the future, some 12,000 years in the future, Vega will be our planet's north start. As it was, some 12,000 years ago.

Vega is an important star for us today - it defines the baseline from which we measure the luminosity of all other stars - be no one aligns to it.

To align to it requires you to trust that it will, someday, be in a place in the heavens that can align others. For now, others follow you based on a faith in your vision of something they cannot yet see.

As Ward and I chatted in the car last night on our return from McMinnville, the vague sense of our Vega for this next adventure came more clearly into view.

Yes, this adventure seeks to understand how organizations can engineer more resilient systems. But it also is about how it is that we might better build more vibrant, creative organizations.

Because creative organizations are supple, adaptive, _and_ resilient.

We are beginning to see this work being done now in education. We look forward to exploring more deeply how we can learn from that.

And key to this exploration, we suspect, is a deeper understanding of the Creative Vortex that happens in Tempo Interruptions. An understanding that, we hope, will help illuminate important aspects of the Psyche of Creative Programming.

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