Magical Intersection

Creativity happens at the intersection of the world that is and the world that could be

Koestler talked about this intersection as a ''bisociation". Kay talked about the orthogonal intersection of the Blue Plane and the pink plane. We might even borrow a metaphor from biology, thinking of it as a disruptive "ecotone".

What sets Homo sapiens apart from all others is our ability to imagine . Computers now give us the ability to reimagine in powerful new ways.

If we are to unleash creative genius, we must honor each of us as creative beings who can step back and reimagine.

We now know that when students are challenged to reimagine, their Creative Genius is unleashed. They are, in fact, able to access the creative intersection between that which is and that which could be far more readily than most adults.

We would be wise to learn from them.

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