Intrinsic Good

We sense the importance of that which we call "good".

We talk about normative good. But wonder of another good, that which is intrinsic. That which is critical to define the sense of wholeness at the core of Autopoietic Systems - holarchical systems that are Holonic by nature.

We explore wholeness as a Trivium comprised of intention, good, and delight. A sense of wholeness that is revealed through the experience of writing in the wiki.

Each page begins with a clear intention, defined by the page title. A label that seeks to name the essence of a potentially worthy concept, one that may only be emerging.

Each page consists of paragraphs, independent objects of thought, that allows the writer to be at one with them. A psychic space where one can strive to compose meaningful words into meaningful sentences that hold a valuable idea with succinct elegance.

Paragraphs that are then formed into a page to fulfill the creative intent. One that strives for a simple elegance that feels right. Feels good.

A good that holds the potential to delight. Delight at a future time when the present self looks back on the writing of the past self.

A good that holds the potential to delight others whose curiosity has led them to that page.

A good that might hold, hidden inside it, a sprite to delight the imagination.

In speaking of good, then, perhaps we would be wise to acknowledge this essence of the intrinsic good that lies at the heart of wholeness. One that might become a normative good with others.

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