Interwoven Stories

We now sense that the power of the collective emergence is realized when stories begin to interweave in that which Bohm calls a 'free space'.

A space of Deep Listening.

We begin to wonder how the stories of learning journey might be made more visible as a collective artifact. What might happen if each individual journey was illustrated and then combined like a patch quilt of the shared collective narrative. And in each Hero's Journey, the 'ultimate boon' identified, that which emerged in Eureka Moments.

A concept inspired by the creative artifact from a participant in a professional DIG in Australia:

It's not enough just to have the learning experience. We only understand the meaning of that experience when we give ourselves the spacetime for reflection. In that process an experience becomes formed into something – an Ontic Form – that can be accessed later and also shared with others.

And, in that reflection, new wonders are identified that might inspire future journeys.

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