Interruptions are Essential

Tempo Interruptions ponders the rhythms of software development, focusing on those moments when flow is interrupted because the path forward is not clear.

From a management perspective, interruptions are not welcome. For many, they represent a system breakdown, when production comes to a halt. The line is down.

These moments, however, are important and high leverage:

>We shouldn't be concerned when these tempo pauses occur because they each represent a highly leveraged decision-making period. Learn to savor these moments and use all of the creative talent available to best advantage.

We must recognize that others may not agree with this understanding, particularly if they are still looking at the world from a Cartesian Mindset.

Waterfall is simply an expression of Structured Planning that was derived from Taylorism. The Agile Movement, on the other hand, created a radical new premise and experience for value creation.

_Agile, at its core, is a creative process in emerging Autopoietic Systems, not a production process in existing allopoietic systems._

In other words, Agile is not SAFe.

Which brings us back to interruptions. Interruptions are not breakdowns in a production line of value creation, but moments of critical creative potential when new value mysteriously manifests.

Value that holds meaning, both for the creator and the organization. These moments are essential, where the life-giving essence of creative systems is tapped.

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