Integrative Learning

We begin to ponder the potential of a new learning pedagogy emerging from this experience of the DIG, one that might blend together the direct instruction with active learning pedagogies such as inquiry-based and project-based learning.

One that allows for deeper learning, where learning has purpose and meaning. Where knowledge morphs into wisdom through experience.

We wonder what the name of this learning pedagogy might be called, thinking perhaps 'integrative learning' might work.

As we ponder this concept, we think back to the dual sine wave that was used to explain the first classroom experiment at Dayton using agile learning. An image that Jami immediately recognized as holding a truth that she wanted experienced everywhere in her building.

When I sought to explain the learning experience that I developed, I used the dual sine wave as a metaphor. I explained that the learning was 'just in time', combined with creation, in the learning process just as I had experienced with my development team. The kids were asked to learn, then to create, in a daily cycle of high frequency.

Learn/Create - Learn/Create - over and over again.

_We are intrigued by the idea that these waves intersect each other a their 'zero crossing', which is a pause that creates and inflection point for each. We ponder the importance of this pause, pregnant with opportunity. _

We believe that the high frequency learning cycles are essential for the agile experience. We also now are beginning to understand that the meaning of this cycle can be expanded, to the knowledge/wisdom cycle, where knowledge builds a common ground and the DIG journey provides purpose and meaning as the learner integrates that knowledge into a greater understanding of themselves and their potential.