Inquiry Trivium

A Trivium is a prime pattern that becomes valuable to onself and potentially to others. To recall and to share it, we name it. In that way, it becomes metaphorical, something we know as an Ontic Form.

We sense the emergence of a new trivium, one that we are calling the _inquiry trivium_.

We have noticed that the three questions that we use to guide the DIG process have significant potential in other inquiry conversations when we are Awakening Wonder.

We gently ask:

* What surprised you? * What delighted you? * What do you now wonder?

**Surprise** As we walk into the work of the neuroscientist Karl Friston, we recognized the critical importance of 'surprise' in the learning process – that which is experienced in Epistemic Foraging. It's by surprise that the inner state is disrupted by the outer state and must develop a new pattern of consciousness to restore order. _So we look for surprise_.

**Delight** When we sit with the architect Christopher Alexander's work on the emergent nature of order we recognized that his 15 properties fall into three groups, what we call an 'originating pattern'. In order for organic systems – Autopoietic Systems – to emerge, each component must have 'wholeness', 'goodness', and 'delight'. Delight is that which energizes the larger system in which a component sits. _So we look for delight_.

**Wonder** When we explore the work of the quantum physicist David Bohm, we recognized that that Deep Learning which emerges from Free Space opens up the next exploration of learning – one that informs new forming. This wonder awakens our spirit and makes us more fully human. _So we look for wonder_.

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