Informing Form

Bohm talks of 'active information' that guides the emergence from quantum potential to quantum states – a state of matter, a 'moment' of realization into a form we perceive as real – an Ontic Form.

He calls this _enfolding_ formless pre-space, pre-time domain of the quantum potential the 'implicate order'. It's from this domain that the _unfolding_ 'explicate order' emerges, guided, informed by information known to us as a wave function.

We now know that the form of existence - matter - represents less than 5% of all that is. The rest? A formless mystery we know only as dark energy and dark matter.

We also now know that consciousness – our formed thoughts – represents less than 5% of all that energy of meaning making inside of us. The rest, our formless subconsciousness, makes up the rest.

We suspect that this mirroring is not coincidental, that our consciousness – an energy field as is matter – is playing by a shared set of rules. We suspect then, that the Hidden Potential we sense in the learning process is likely mirroring the quantum potential identified by Bohm, helping us to deepen our thoughts about how we might better unleash the learning potential of our collective Creative Genius.

As we ponder our formless unconscious, we imagine that perhaps it mirrors the formless quantum fluctuations in the vacuum of space that physicists have begun to model – filled with potential awaiting to emerge:

Quantum Fluctuations.gif

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