Inflection Point

The inflection point is that point where a curve changes from being concave to convex.

In waves, that point happens at what is called a stationary point, when a function's derivative is zero. A point of rest

One that creates a cadence of rhythm.

Where the rhythm might synchronize with with others creating an amplifying harmonic – a resonance from which something greater might emerge. A harmonic defined by shared Zero Crossings – each a moment of silence which is an inflection point.

Harmonics that might align with a deeper, primordial harmonic, the 1st harmonic, the fundamental frequency

We ponder these things as we sit with our understanding of the world as being comprised of overlapping fields, field that have filled with forces expressed as waves. Waves that cause waves in other fields to emerge. Waves that amplify, waves from which quanta appears that might be what Whitehead calls 'actual occasions'. Much as we think happens with functional resonance.

Quanta, that within the Higgs field slows down and assumes mass. Mass that forms matter based on forces that attract – the strong nuclear – and forces the extend out – the weak nuclear that combine with the other two forces to create the world we know. A yin and a yang.

A journey that leads us from fields to meaning:

fields forces frequency waves resonance emergence wholeness connections patterns meaning