What is that sense of the 'mind meld' that happens with pair programming? How might that experience relate to the sense of a singularity from which infinite multitudes coexist, that which Borges explored in The Aleph?

And how does that experience relate to the experience of writing in the wiki, where doors are open for us to wander through paths of how others make meaning - their meaning matrices? Where our thoughts begin to weave together into something we might call an integrative consciousness. Call it jazz: Why We Improvise.

I seek to understand this experience for it is at the center of the experience I wish to inspire when readers wander in The Garden of the Dayton Experiment.

I sense there may be something magical in those pages. I see it in the eyes and hear it in the voices of those who have wandered in that garden. They feel something different there. Something joyful. Something empowering. Winds upon which a mystery rides.

What is that thing they are experiencing? Will others be able to experience it?

I go back to Kay's Another Level of Thought. Words that have helped guide my journey:

>... we can actually create a media environment that the acclimation to [which], just like the acclimation to the printing press, would be another level of thought.

But what is this new level of thought?

Perhaps it is something we might call 'hyperthought', a natural extension of hyperlinks and hypertext. A thinking that combines objects, patterns and space within the creative tension of Taiji's Ridgepole in the Free Energy Principle.

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