Hidden Potential

We begin to ponder that which we are calling _hidden potential_.

As we look at complex systems – the human systems of schools and the computing systems of microservices – we wonder about that formless energy held 'below the surface' in what is called quantum potential.

Quantum potential was named by David Bohm to define that emergent potential held in the pre-space realm of the enfolding 'implicate order' – hidden to us in what we now know as quantum fluctuations – that guides the manifestation of increasing complex order in the unfolding 'explicate order' – the world around us.

After participating in the demo day of a recent professional DIG in Australia, David's head went back, his eyes toward the ceiling in a moment of realization. If such amazing creative genius could be released by five busy adults, what might happen with a classroom of 25 or 30 focused students?

He was glimpsing the hidden potential of a complex system.

We ponder these thoughts in the context of complex computing systems. Might there also be hidden potential there that could be realized with astonishing impact once a process of Active Observability is developed? At this stage, we don't know, but wonder if this question might be worth leaning into.