Fractal Patterns

At the forefront of physics is the exploration of emergence. Emergence from that which we know as the nothingness of dark energy, dark matter – that which constitutes more than 95% of the universe.

A nothingness that is filled with energy – zero point energy – an energy of expansion, of Unbounded Emergence.

That void within a chasm that we call chaos. That which births that which is order.

There are new thoughts about this emergence being shaped by attractors – fractal attractors. Perhaps this might explain the vast tapestry of fractal patterns that we see manifested in matter.

Which sets us on other new thoughts connected by what we have come to deeply understand: the potential of Sacred Intention to manifest something new, something wonderful. Yes, something beautiful.

Perhaps these sacred intentions act as strange attractors, allowing new relationships, new patterns to emerge in the white-space of ma, from the chasm of the void from The Space Between. Perhaps these attractors are also fractals in an grander pattern.

Might a new understanding of the wiki be found within these ideas of space, relationship and patterns – all that form fractal patterns that allow the new to manifest?

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