Following Curiosity

We understand that real learning, deep learning, begins with curiosity. We, as _homo sapiens_, are by nature curious creatures.

But what might be the essence of our curiosity? That story will be different from each one of us. But we sense that this is an important question to walk into.

We sense. We feel. We are, by nature, prehensive. In the same way that our cells are prehensive, so to is our imagination.

We also seek wholeness. To have parts become a whole – a whole by which we can better understand, to create meaning.

But to seek the essence of curiosity is challenging, but we feel, important, for it allows each one of us to tell our story. A story of how we came to this moment because we sense that it is in that story that the essence lies.

We should stop, then, and listen deeply to these stories. Listen wholeheartedly. For if we do, we sense that a deeper personal truth will be revealed. One that will allow the essence of the curiosity to emerge so that it might resonate in a field with others – recognizing that Everything is a Field.