Experiment #1

Last week, Ward and I outlined our first experiment, a three-week sprint to explore how we might both use writing in the wiki to better understand a complex issue - that of engineering more resilient complex systems.

How, as Ward put it, we might Make Systems that Break Better. Something that could be called Robust Resilience.

The idea is that we would both start exploring this topic in two wikis that were in a "learning pod". We would read each others wikis and find opportunities to interlace them.

Two gardens. Places of meaning-making that might develop a matrix accessible and valuable for others.

We were incorporating concepts that came out of my work in education, where I had created The Dayton Experiment to help me understand and share what I had learned during an seven-year journey of bringing the agile culture to a school district. To do that, I created a wiki comprised of two elements, The Story and The Garden.

While the fedwiki has been extensively used be many people around the world, it has been primarily used as a collector of artifacts. As I came to understand its underlying nature, I began to explore, with Ward's help, how it might become a creative instrument for meaning-making.

I drew from the work of many people in this exploration, Borge, Piaget, Kay, and Koestler, among others.

Our first experiment was to see what might happen if we explored meaning-making with a shared intention but a diverse perspective. Could we create, in a sense, two interwoven parallel planes that might illuminate a deeper meaning?

A week into this experiment, I realized we were wrong. We were creating, at least in my experience, Disruptive Orthogonal Planes.

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