Entering a P-zone

We are grappling with finding new language around this experience of awakened wonder that happens during a DIG. An experience whose reality is become apparent as it continues to be experienced – made real – with others, something we now recognize is an emerging Ontic Form.

An experience that includes a _space_, _emergence_, and _meaning_ that empowers us with a new level of thinking: Quantum Thinking.

An experience where we sit, listen, and wait. We are considering simply saying this experience happens in a 'P-zone', one that might be an individual or a collective experience of creativity marked by Eureka Moments that are filled with sudden rush of this magical sensation we call joy.

'P' stands for 'projection', a concept at the heart of Bohm's theory of the quantum mind: >I propose that each moment of time is a projection from the total implicate order. The term projection is a particularly happy choice here, not only because its common meaning is suitable for what is needed, but also because its mathematical meaning as a projection operation, P, is just what is required for working out these notions in terms of the quantum theory. source

Experiences we recognize as moments were new meaning is made – which Piaget recognized as a Schematic Accommodation and Friston calls a Bayesian Belief Update.

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