Emergent Thinking

We have been exploring the third leg of a new Prime Pattern, one that is seeking to hold a deeper meaning into the nature of the _movement_ of thought.

There is _convergent_ thinking.

There is _divergent_ thinking.

These we know and have been exploring for some time as essential to the creative process. But now we are walking into a deeper appreciation of something we are now calling _emergent_ thinking.

It is the potential for the wiki in this third dimension that we are now pushing into, recognizing that the hidden potential lies not just in our individual imagination, but in a collective imagination. One that we sensed when we explored Emergent Thought.

We appreciate the original wiki, one that augmented our collective ability for convergent thinking and the fed wiki for allowing us the safe boundaries of garden walls that allow us to explore of our our own meaning making, that augments our divergent thinking. But we now sense a new potential of the wiki for augmenting our collective emergent thinking.

It is with interest, then, that we explore Andy Clark and David Chalmers extended mind thesis – one that brings us back to thoughts of the imagined memex introduced in Bush's article As We May Think.

It is into the Wiki Dojo we walk.