Emergent Potential

We are beginning to explore _emergent potential_ as we seek to assess the blossoming of a student's learning potential.

_Here is a note I sent to Ward:_

>This assessment will be done by both the student and teacher at the beginning and at the end of each term. Based on past experience, I suspect that we will find that the teacher's assessment of learning potential will be great than a student's. Visualizing this gap might be valuable as the student's assessment – what might be called 'realized potential' – and the teacher's assessment, what might be thought of as 'recognized potential'. Between the two is what we might consider 'emergent potential'. > It is the emergent potential that we might want to try to visualize. If so, we might be able to help a student live into a more empowered Narrative Identity of themselves as a learner. > If we model the emergent potential as a solid, that might help us focus a conversation about it. What we might then do is to model at the beginning and the end of term to see how that shape changed over time.