Emergent Patterns

>The galaxies we see captured in static positions in beautiful deep-field shots are actually guided by many complex forces we don’t yet fully comprehend, including the cosmic web that undergirds the universe. source

There is growing evidence that everything in our cosmos is connected by aligning forces. Patterns that are not yet understood.

Galaxies, separated by millions of light years, that are connected, perhaps, by a "cosmic web that undergirds the universe."

Garden Map

We think about emergent patterns as we look for meaning in an overview of The Garden.

Ideas that have clustered together because of relational forces. Clusters that reveal another level of understanding. Connecting force filaments of Hyperthought.

Each cluster has a story to tell. One that illuminates another insight in the inner cosmos of thought that makes up a Meaning Matrix.

_cos·mos /ˈkäzməs,ˈkäzˌmōs,ˈkäzˌmäs/ noun_ **the universe seen as a well-ordered whole.** "he sat staring deep into the void, reminding himself of his place in the cosmos" **a system of thought.** "the new gender-free intellectual cosmos"

We make meaning at the intersection of our inner and external cosmos. That primal experiential ecotone we are coming to understand through the lens of the Free Energy Principle.

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