We recognize that meaning is formed and can be only understood at the time of emergence. After that, it becomes the unquestioned known that becomes invisible to us.

Like the fish does with the water in which it swims.

Writing, then, is a process of discovery that honors the emergent meaning. We start with an idea, feel for its essence, name that essence, then strive to explain in simple language that strives for elegance.

Until we start to see patterns begin to form as certain ideas cluster together. We visualize that clustering and sit with that larger context of meaning that has emerged in order to better understand.

We watch increasing complex ideas take shape that become richer patterns of meaning.

We then find a way to guide others on a story that references these concepts in the hope that some may spark their curiosity. We do not know which ones will and they will vary by the reader.

We then guide them into a garden of concepts where their curiosity can wander, discovering related concepts we have planted there, helping them to find their own emergent meaning in that garden.