An ecotone is a region where two ecological systems overlap. In that overlap, there is a tension. The word is derived from ecology, in English and _tonos_, meaning tension, in Greek.

Think of a river flowing in the ocean. An entire ecology based on fresh water meeting another, based on salt water. One that is in flux with the tides. A tension that unsettles and creates the conditions for change.

Ecotones are not just areas of tension, but of potential. In the stress and of these overlapping areas, there is the possibility of new creation. Nassim Teleb calls this a state of Antifragility where stress is strengthening. Adaptation happens in this zone. They are inherently Disentropic.

We think about the ecotone as we explore the dynamics that happen at the intersections of Blue Planes and pink.

Where ideas of the imagination co-mingle in tension with the ideas of practical realities in an Ideaspace. Places of orthogonal thinking where new patterns of understanding, new Schema, mysteriously manifest through Dialectical Synthesis.

Where we move from incremental improvements of the pink to new value creation of the blue. Where systems are reimagined to become more resilient.

Where we, as makers, are vitalized by us as creators, giving our work meaning. Making us whole. The precondition for emergent Autopoietic Systems.

A place, perhaps, we may think of as an Ideatone.

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