Disruptive Orthogonal Planes

Ward and I are very different people. He is, by nature, an engineer. I am wired more like a philosopher.

Our life experiences are also quite different.

The language we use is often different.

So, when I read his pages, I find myself often struggling to understand what he means. This struggle requires me to focus. To sit with his words. Trying to find the meaning in them.

It feels that his world is not parallel, but perpendicular to mine. He is crafting his meaning on an orthogonal plane.

And it is uncomfortable for me. Disruptive. And that is good.

Koestler talks about creativity flowing from orthogonal matrices of thought. Kay talks about the Blue Plane that is perpendicular to the pink plane. In Lightbulb Moments, Klein points out that insight requires disruption.

Which got me to wonder, what might happen when multiple people grapple with a shared intention of meaning-making? When orthogonal planes begin to intersect in an nth space?

In this struggle, might we begin to glimpse a Metanoietic Consciousness?

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