Deeper into Biotope

We sense that it is important to explore the underlying nature of the wiki as part of this discovery process. Recognizing the inherent organic nature of this experience, we seek guidance from paradigms used to describe complex ecological systems.

We have come to understand that a biotope has five primary characteristics :

* Microscale * Networks * Interaction * Inclusion

**Microscale** The are small and contained

** Networks ** They are connected to other biotopes in a neighborhood

**Interaction** They are environment that humans interact with

**Inclusion** They may contain foreign or artificial elements to support them.

We are beginning to wonder, then, if the wiki might be thought of as a "mind place" – nootope – in much the same way that a garden is considered a biotope, a "life place". Within each, a vital energy flows, creating a dynamic ecosystem, a biocenosis – what we are now recognizing emerging from the wiki as a noocenosis .

A Third Space of the imagination infused with vital energy much like that found in ecosystems, referred to by some as Biotic Energy.

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