Deep Learning

We now name that which we seek: _deep learning_.

As we seek to fulfill our human potential, that Hidden Potential that defines us as the wise ones, Homo sapiens literally, "wise man"), we walk toward wisdom – a journey that allows our imagination to weave with others on a Blue Plane.

It is not knowledge alone that we seek, for knowledge without experience that grounds that knowledge, does not make us wise. Only when the learning is deep, touching something deep inside of us – that mysterious place of memory and feeling – does the wisdom manifest.

Are you a deep learner, we ask ourselves, we ask others. Go deep, find meaning, become wise.

Should this not, then, be the Audacious Aspiration for our schools: to launch into society _deep learners_? Yes, deep learners who are problem solvers with Creative Courage, but, more importantly, problem solvers who are wise.

But this wisdom manifests at any age, even in our youngest children. Do we see the joy, do we see the meaning, do we see the wisdom? Perhaps it is for us to listen more deeply.

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