Dancing Emergence

We believe that patterns are perceived when they are emergent. Patterns of behavior. Patterns of meaning.

When they are no longer emergent, they become the unseen water in which a fish lives. The assumed that becomes invisible.

It is in the Ecotone, alive with perception and interaction, that patterns of behavior and patterns of meaning entwine.

We see this dance framed in Friston's Free Energy Principle. Where there is perception that is understood within the perspective of the seer. From which there is induction, actions of interaction, from which there are new perceptions that reveal more of the unknown to the knower - the patterns of behavior of external systems.

Perceptions that help internal meaning systems of the knower better understand external behavior systems of the unknown. A process that creates a more comprehensive Meaning Matrix for the seer. To reduce surprise.

That which powers evolution and innovation.

The creative energy of life.

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